Month of December – let’s talk Emoji – Explosive Joy

I struggled to get a scientific explanation of joy. An hour has passed  flipping through a stack of articles and I didn’t write a word about joy. I didnt want to be mechanical about it; I genuinely desire a stab of joy. Afterall I am writing about explosive joy.  I got that stab!

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I became conscious of where I am and the explosive joy I felt just being in here and not outside at this moment. My husband and I are now  staying in Santorini, Greece in a little shell-like apartment with the ceiling plastered to resemble a cave. The white curved ceiling and white walls are a warm welcome as we forged our way through the meandering walkways and stairs and the strong, cold winds. Once inside the apartment, all is calm and instantly warm. The wild winds are blocked by the clever architecture of the capsule-like apartment cleaved to other apartments in the steep cliff.

Joy is like that capsule that dwells deep in the heart, sheltered from the external environment. You need to know how to get to it often enough so that your life is in great tandem with the world outside. We have been in and out of the apartment since we checked in each time happier than before because we know how to better adapt to this breathtakingly panoramic island. We would rug up and let the island tug at our heartstrings.

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C S Lewis described his stab of joy as the plosion after ‘ a sudden, piercing pang of longing, a bittersweet ache and yearning for something far-off and other-worldly.’  He recognised these longings as a deep spiritual hunger for God and flashing sign-markers pointing him towards Christ. You long; you are lavished upon. Joy to the world the Lord has come, let earth receive her king!

Joy is a yearning and a receiving of an other-worldly sensation that will last you a lifetime.

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On this trip I yearned to go to Macedonia. But it was not possible as it was not accessible given our itinerary. Macedonia was the place where the angel of God waved Paul over to share the story of God – ‘Let us move across.’ We bought our present house in Perth simply by following what the angel said to Paul. It was a house across the street where we were renting! Since we were coming to Greece for a biblical tour, I thought I would like to visit Macedonia to recapture my heart of gratitude. I was disappointed when Macedonia was struck out from our list of places to visit!

That day was my birthday. We were in Kavala.  I have not heard about Kavala till now and didn’t think any good could come from this town. In the bus, the tour guide began her usual commentating. My heart exploded in joy when she said, ‘Kavala is ancient Macedonia where Paul set foot in Europe for the first time.’

So this was where I had always wanted to go to! The present Republic of Macedonia which I thought I missed was not the place that Paul was beckoned to. Wow! I didn’t miss anything at all.

Explosive joy is like a splash of colours on a white canvas. It comes to brighten you to the knowledge that you matter, you are noticed, you are important. In this case, I felt highly favoured by God to grant me this wish on my birthday!

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My takeaways on explosive joy from my personal sharing in this article:

– Joy is not an intellectual pursuit.
– You are a target of joy
– Joy can come to you where you are
– Don’t let the external world rob you of your joy
– Joy in the person of Jesus came to earth on Christmas
– The joy of God lasts a lifetime
– You are a recipient of miracles
– You are created to have joy.

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Have a JOYFUL Christmas! Have a blast!

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2 thoughts on “Month of December – let’s talk Emoji – Explosive Joy

  1. Hi Cara, didn’t know the day we landed at Kavala was your birthday. Aiyo, so blurrrrr. Now I wish you a happy belated birthday…God’s favour be with you everyday n everywhere. Amen.

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